Paris Aug. 17 1788
     The urn is well worth worth acceptance, my dear madam, on it's own
account for it is a perfect beauty. but it is more flattering to me to
accept it on account of the giver. I shall preserve it as sacred as i would
the urns of my forefathers, had I all of them from Adam to the present
day, and with this difference of estimation that it recalls to my mind
a living friend. The memorial of me which you have from Trumbul
is of the most worthless part of me. Could he paint my friendship to
you, it would be something out of the common line. I should have
been happy indeed to have made a third at Down place with
yourself & miss Cosway. Your society would have been amusement
enough for me. I never blame heaven as much as for having
clogged the etherial spirit of friendship with a body which ties
it to time & place. I am with you always in spirit: be you
with me sometimes.         I have in contemplation to visit
America in the Spring, as Madame de Corny has mentioned to you.
I have not as yet asked a Conge, because, till the new govern-
ment is in activity, I know not to whom to address my request.
I presume it will not be denied me. The project of carrying with
me colonies of animals & plants for my native country, will oblige
me to embark at Havre, as being the nearest port. This is but
twenty hours distant from London. Can you, my dear madam,
sacrifice twenty hours of your life to make my daughters & myself
Mrs Church